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Elisa Girlando

Singer, Recording Artist, Teacher, and Director

Label: HitPlay Distributed by Sony

Elisa had a growing passion for music since early childhood. Beginning her career at the age of 12, Elisa began to bring her passion to life with the recording of Children's and Holiday albums. 

As Elisa’s musical career grew, she focused on her love of Blues music and recorded her first album titled Rise Up. When her first single, "I’m A Woman," was played for executives at Sony, they realized quickly that her expressive voice and distinctive style were truly something special. Elisa was instantly paired with the RED Music Division of Sony. 

In her second album titled Through Changes, Elisa combines the sound of Pop and blues with a traditional live band sound.


Her voice has been featured on numerous National TV commercials including lead vocalist for Claritan singing the classic Johnny Nash song "I Can See Clearly Now."

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