A true singer, with a range, a style and sound distinctive to only one person. Since early childhood, Elisa had a growing passion for music. Throughout the years, she has brought her passion to life, beginning her career at age 12 by recording Children’s and Holiday albums.

As Elisa’s musical career grew, she focused on her love of Blues music and recorded her first album, entitled “Rise Up”. When her first single, “I’m A Woman,” was played for executives at Sony, they realized quickly that her expressive voice and distinctive style were truly something special. Elisa was instantly paired with the RED Music Division of Sony.

Elisa combines the power of Etta James, the smoothness of Ella Fitzgerald and the creativity of Regina Spector with mainstream influences like Dave Matthews to produce a sound all her own.

As she prepares to release her second album, Elisa puts her years of experience to work with the finest tuning, intensity and color…truly a vocal expression of will and desire.

  • Elisa’s music is currently selling at WalMart and other National outlets.
  • Vocalist on National TV commercials.